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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Most Effective Way to Counter Hanzo Mobile Legends

No need to worry and fret when dealing with Hanzo Mobile Legends, because this Hanzo Akakage ninja isn't so terrible if you face a melee attack!

Moreover, a hero like Hanzo Mobile Legends is very weak when it is affected by crowd control. He was very scary because the story about him that could turn into a shadow of the devil in the Land of Dawn.

Moreover, the cool and frightening appearance, Hanzo Mobile Legends is a pure assassin hero who is very powerful in producing burst damage.

Especially when in the Demon mode, the damage output from Hanzo's attack will be really big and there is no need to fear death in that mode. Because of the ability of Ame no Habakiri that can absorb enemy souls as Hanzo's energy.

Here is an easy way to deal with Hanzo Mobile Legends and some excellent hero counters to defeat the ninjas in every game.

1. Use Wind of Nature

For those of you who are afraid of being hit by the Hanzo Mobile Legends Kinjutsu Pinnacle Ninja, you can buy items that counteract all of Hanzo's attacks, namely Wind of Nature.

As we know, all Hanzo's attacks are physical damage and using this item can give you immunity to all physical damage for two seconds! More effective if used by marksman heroes and fighters.

2. Use "CCTV" in your forest

Gameplay from Hanzo usually steals enemy buff monsters quickly with the abilities he has. With just five punches, Hanzo can swallow your buff monster without having to deal a lot of damage.

Therefore, you can choose Spells Scout and use it on the bushes around your forest. This method can easily find the original location of Hanzo and prevent him from stealing your buff monsters.

3. Hanzo is very weak

If you meet Hanzo in a lane, you should not be afraid and often give poke damage to him. As much as possible you and your teammates often go to Hanzo.

Because Hanzo is very weak, he doesn't have much H-P and his movements are very slow. With just one hit, Hanzo can be easily taken down. Moreover, he was very weak against magic attacks!

4. Use Hero Counter

Hanzo Mobile Legends turns out to be very weak if you have to deal with these four heroes, who are they? They are Harley, Gusion, Aldous, and Helcurt.

All the heroes mentioned just now can quickly defeat Hanzo, both at the beginning of the game even to the late game! They have the ability to easily approach their target quickly.

Moreover, a hero like Aldous can approach Hanzo directly from the end of the map! And Helcurt who can darken the map and quickly defeat Hanzo during the darkness.

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