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Unlike the UFC, smackdown is one sport that is free or not bound by any rules in the match. Smackdown prioritizes fighting strength to drop and defeat the opponent.

Just like in a smackdown game you can punch, throw, overtake your opponent or do anything else so your opponent falls. Now there are many developers who release smackdown games that you can install on your favorite smartphone.

Here are some smackdown games that you can play. What game is it? Here's the review below!

1. Real Wrestling Rumble Revolution: Smack That Down

The game "Real Wrestling Rumble Revolution: Smack That Down" offers very smooth animations, as well as various players and rings. In this game, you can choose a variety of exciting and challenging tournaments.

2. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Like the title, this game "Wrestling Revolution 3D" presents a 3D graphic animation display. This game also has a very easy gameplay. You can hit enemies with bumps, blow, throw, and many more. Curious?

3. WWE Mayhem

This one Smackdown game should not be missed. Because the game "WWE Mayhem" presents reliable wrestlers which are divided into 6 classes including Brawler, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Wildcard, Showman and Technician. You can also create a team, where you will choose your own team members to defeat the other team.

4. WWE Immortal

This game "WWE Immortals" presents a wrestling game with amazing graphics animation. In this game, you can play multiplayer and you can also choose existing WWE Immortals game characters such as Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker, The Rock, and others.

5. WWE 2K

This game called WWE 2K is not free to play. Although paid, this game has several excellent features that are equivalent to the costs that have been incurred.

One of the excellent features is that you can create your own character or choose the character of a wrestler who is already in the game. You can also choose a career mode where wrestlers will fight with existing opponents.

6. Real Wrestling 3D

The game, titled Real Wrestling 3D, of course presents 3D animation into the game that makes animated characters and movements look real. In this game, you can also use more than 140 existing wrestlers.

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