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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Build Badang Mobile Legends Hit All Enemies with Punch Endless!

Badang's presence is certainly a new breakthrough for the current meta. After getting the second rework skill and skill passif, Badang's Mobile Legends build has become even more ferocious.

If the enemy doesn't have Flicker, then Badang can kill one hero easily and quickly. Unfortunately, good accuracy is needed because all of the skills are the target points which means they can't hit the enemy at all.

This time, we will see a build from Badang that focuses on damage and defense so Badang can be hard enough and produce high damage to the enemy. Curious about what items? Check out more below.

1. Warrior Boots

For the first, the item movement is highly recommended for Badang. Warrior Boots can be the main choice, especially when facing Hero physical. But if you need more resistance, you can replace it with Tough Boots, but the price is much more expensive than other shoes.

2. Demon Hunter Sword

To maximize the potential of the Crack Fist, Badang could use the Demon Hunter Sword for a considerable amount of damage. In addition, this item also provides a number of lifesteal and attack speed that are useful for Badang to be able to use his Chivalry Fist more often. This item is also effective for overcoming Hero tanks and fighters who usually have enough HP.

3. Berserker's Fury

Basic attack effects that can be enjoyed on Fist Crack and Chivalry Fist, then Berserker's Fury can be the best choice for Badang. This item provides additional critical damage in large quantities and also a fairly good critical rate.

If the enemy lingers over the Crack Badang Fist, they can die quickly because the critical ones are constantly coming out.

4. Endless Battle / Corrosion Scythe

To add more damage, Endless Battle can be the next choice. To trigger passive from Endless Battle there are tricks that are quite difficult to do; when Chivalry Fist Badang starts, use basic attack and push enemies while generating additional damage.

But if you find it difficult to do so, you can replace Endless Battle with Corrosion Scythe for additional attack speed and slow effects on each Crack Fist.

5. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

With his close range attack, Badang must be equipped with defense items, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen. Not only giving a large amount of HP max, Badang also got a number of lifesteal and extra defense when his H-P dropped below 40 percent. With this effect, he could use Fist Crack when pressed.

It would be better if Badang took out the Fist Crack first to confine the enemy and use the Crack Fist afterwards. If you have Corrosion Scythe, the enemy will panic and it's hard to escape from the wall.

6. Blade of Despair / Immortality

As the last item, Blade of Despair is certainly the first choice. In addition to providing a very large physical attack, Blade of Despair also provides additional damage to enemies that have HP below 50 percent. Imagine how painful the Badang damage is when you have this item?

But you can replace this item with Immortality if you really need a second life in battle.

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