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Not only is Badang's ability overpowering, but it does need a Badang build that fits your style of play to maximize the fist.

Therefore we will show you the best Badang build that can be relied upon if you use this hero as pure Fighter!

Immediately we see the Badang Mobile Legends build that can show how scary the hero Fighter is in the Land of Dawn!

1. Wizard Boots

If you are in doubt about what shoes to use for this Badang hero, use Wizard Boots on your Badang build.

Because in addition to being able to increase the movement speed and HP by 300, the effects of Plunder offered can accelerate you to buy other items!

2. Demon Hunter Sword

This is the first item of damage that you have to use on the Badang Mobile Legends build. This weapon can strengthen the normal boxing attack at the beginning of the game to be painful!

The addition of 25% attack speed and the passive effect of this weapon greatly maximizes the passive ability of Badang, where every fourth normal blow will produce a stun effect.

3. Endless Battle

This is the most popular item among heroes who want to produce big damage. With this Endless Battle item, your Badang build can maximize his boxing damage.

Besides this item offers a lot of added attributes, but the passive effect of this item is very helpful in the combination of Badang itself, don't be surprised if later every hit produced can reach 1000 damage!

4. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

This is the item that will cover the shortcomings of the Badang Mobile Legends hero. Even though his body is very large, it does not mean that his body resistance is the same. Badang can only produce large blow damage with minimal crowd control.

With this item, your involvement in team battles can last longer.

5. Blade of Despair

As mentioned earlier, this Badang build focuses on increasing the ability of his boxing damage. So that Blade of Despair becomes an item that you must hold in the middle of the game.

Guaranteed if you are already at this stage, a combination of Badang's skills can quickly finish off his enemies. Don't hero Fighter, even a hero as strong as Johnson can be immediately dying by Badang!

6. Berserker Fury

This is a complementary item from the Badang Mobile Legends build that maximizes blow damage. With this item, Badang can often produce critical damage to his ultimate skill.

It can be ascertained that with this combination of Badang, in the late game the enemy will find it difficult to hold all of his blows. Just imagine all the blows from the Fist Crack skill are the critical damage of each 1000 damage!

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