Wednesday, January 23, 2019


The first half mage fighter in Mobile Legends, Guinevere turned out to attract the attention of many players. Not only has short and long distance skills, this one hero also generates magic damage from basic attacks like Harley and doesn't need maana.

Not to mention if you have the following items, what are you curious about? Check out the following Guinevere build.

1. Arcane Boots

As a mage hero who doesn't need maana, Arcane Boots is definitely the best choice for Guinevere. Magic penetration given this item makes Guinvere can produce higher damage to enemy heroes.

However, you can also replace it with Swift Boots for additional attack speed, but it is not recommended.

2. Calamity Reaper

After having a movement item at the start, this mage hero must buy Calamity Reaper as the main build to generate damage.

Not only does it provide magic damage and cooldown reduction, this one item also gives extra damage from basic attacks after using a skill. Of course, this effect is very synchronous with Guinevere's skill which has a short cooldown.

3. Concentrated Energy

Given Guinevere's basic attack like that of a Harley that produces magic damage, Concentrated Energy allows Guinevere to heal HP even if it's just a basic attack!

4. Berserker's Fury

Of all magic items, why is a physical attack? As has been previously informed, all types of basic attacks can produce critical, both physical and magical. This means that even Guinevere's basic attack can produce critical and make Berserker's Fury items become very important.

Although not adding damage directly to the magic basic attack, the critical chance and critical damage to the item can make enemy non-tank heroes easily defeated.

5. Feather of Heaven

This item has a simple effect, ie 40 percent of attack power is converted to a magic attack to every basic attack.

But the additional movement speed and attack speed on these items can make Guinevere not be able to lose easily even though they have to fight physical heroes like Alucard or Zilong.

6. Immortality

The last item to buy is Immortality, considering that Guinevere is a melee hero. In actual combat, Guinevere is a hero who cannot be afraid to die because she has two tasks; produce damage and become an initiator when pressed. In an emergency, Immortality can be used to run using skills after death.

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