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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Khufra, New Hero in Mobile Legends with Super CC

Again, a new Hero, but at Advance Server! After Badang and Faramis, it is now the turn of Hero Tank who can turn to have a new hero.

Mobile Legends has the habit of launching new heroes with the intention of testing. Well, who is he?

Hero Tank named Khufra
In the Friday update (4/1), in the advance server, Khufra was present as a Tank with Crowd Control and Initiator specialties.

When read, this hero is almost similar to Johnson, a Tank Robot that always troubles opponents!

Khufra looks like a vampire with pale skin and bright red eyes.

Khufra skill
Khufra's 1st Skill is called Tyrant's Revenge. This skill allows him to throw himself towards the opponent using a scarf on his wrist. The damage produced is also quite large, and the area being attacked is also large.

Skill 2 is Bouncing Ball, Khufra can turn into a big energy ball to hit the opponents! In this position Khufra cannot use his passive skills.

Ultimate from Khufra is Tyrant's Rage where Khufra will repulse the enemy who is the target.

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