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Friday, January 4, 2019

The 5 Most Innovative Games in 2018 Google Play Version, Have You Tried It?

One category that did not escape the Google Play award for games from year to year was the most innovative game. Games in this category are the first names that push the boundaries of genres with mechanisms and narratives that have never been seen before, making users impressed.

The following are the 5 most innovative games in 2018 according to Google Play. Cool!

1. Food Fantasy

Food Fantasy is an adventure management game that is in the magical and amazing world of Tierra. You need to determine the journey to become a great master waiter along with your Food Soul partners! Collect Food Soul, manage restaurants and save the world from invasion of evil angels.

The combination of JRPG and restaurant management along with anime graphics blend well and are very beautiful. Delicious dishes from various countries are creatively displayed as Food Souls to complement your restaurant and adventure.

2. Clash & GO: AR Strategy

Clash & GO is the first game that combines fun geolocation games in augmented reality (AR) and epic city development strategy games. You need to control an asteroid base in space. Then show your tactics by building defense towers, training troops and increasing heroes.

In this science fiction based game, you can create and maintain an asteroid base, then run in real life to find bases and other resources to conquer. The gameplay feels familiar because it is a combination of popular game styles.

3. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a casual Battle Royale game for everyone to enjoy with 32 players and matches lasting 3-5 minutes.

The fast flow and design made specifically for mobile users make this game stand out compared to other battle royale games and at the same time very fun. Short matches and a comprehensive perspective create an ideal atmosphere for players who want to compete immediately.

You will explore a map with winter backgrounds complete with snowmen, Christmas trees, and play with rare and legendary winter characters such as the Yeti and Tabei.

4. Hero Hunters

Hero Hunters is a real-time online battle royale PvP based game containing 50+ heroes to be recruited and invited to hunt together. You can collaborate with friends to ensure survival and fight in 3D battles and are equipped with weapons, sniper rifles, swords, energy cannons and more.

This game combines a variety of play styles: first-person shooting, combat strategies, and developing mature teams into one action game that is very well displayed. You can also open special "heroes" that have special powers, such as healing teammates or eliminating enemy obstacles.

5. Solitaire: Cooking Tower

The Windows Solitaire game on this mobile is classic but very fun. This card game comes back with a new touch. You can build a food empire with points obtained through the Solitaire round. There are various deck cards and interesting menus to collect.

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