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As a Battle Royale game, of course in Apex Legends we must be able to survive against dozens of enemies. Survival techniques are indeed a characteristic that must be mastered by players of this genre. Because it counts as a fairly unique new game, there are several different survival aspects in Apex Legends. Curious about how to survive that is good at Apex Legends? Here's the review:

1. Create Waves When Falls

The mechanism of plunge in Apex Legends is quite unique. Besides being fast, players can also do gliding. Well, in order to land at the farthest point when starting out, you can form waves. Simply lower the body and straighten it again so that the speed and height can be maintained. If run properly, you can float more than 1300 meters from the first exit on the plane.

2. Watch the Backpack When Looting

Surely you don't want to run out of time managing your backpack when playing. For that, try not too much carrying accessories or bullets that are not used. If your weapon is Rifle or SMG and LMG type, try to collect up to three slots, while for the Shotgun or Sniper, one bullet slot is enough. Maximize existing slots for grenades or health items that will be useful in combat.

3. Empower Ping Features

The presence of new features, namely ping in the game allows team members to communicate well. It's good for you to start replacing some ping options with the keys on the keyboard to make it easier. This can make you able to tell many things to team members without talking or typing.

4. Pay attention to Care Package and Supply Ship

In the game, the care package and supply ship are help that you can find. The existence of high-quality accessories and good choice of weapons you can get. Be sure to keep checking the map because in Apex Legends, care packages or supply ships you can know where they are on the map. Be sure to keep watching around!

5. Hide behind the door during knockdown

If you are trapped in a war, try to find a place to hide. Apart from being able to secure a position so that you don't get killed, you can also limit and find out the enemy's space to be told to team members. One of the most useful tricks is to hide behind a door. Because players can't open the door carelessly when there are people in front of them, we can safely make a blockade so that the enemy can't approach it.

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