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There are many ways you can do to get a Chicken Dinner, one of which is the selection of weapons during the battle. Every weapon certainly has a different level of effectiveness and difficulty. That is why there are some weapons that might be easier to use for new players in PUBG.

1. S686

The shotgun is arguably one of the types of weapons that are less popular in PUBG. Most of you will just want to use a shotgun if you don't find another weapon choice, right? The shooting distance is not far away and the long reload time makes this type of weapon the last choice for PUBG players.

2. Vector

Those of you who are still beginners at PUBG, never hesitate to use Vector if you find it. One reason is because this weapon uses .45ACP bullets which are very easy to find in various locations.

Vector is very deadly if you use it in close or medium range. You see, this weapon has a fairly high firing speed. Even so, Vector has a major weakness, which is a little bullet capacity. Therefore, you must find an extended mag to increase the bullet capacity.

3. UMP9

Some of you might agree if UMP9 is the best SMG in PUBG. This weapon uses 9mm bullets and does not require many attachments like Vector. UMP9 is also very deadly if used for short and medium distances.

If you are already proficient enough to use UMP9, this weapon can also be used for long distance shooting. If an extended mag is added, this weapon can hold up to 40 bullets.

4. M16A4

Are there rifles that are suitable for beginner PUBG players? Of course there is. If you want to learn to use a rifle, you can choose M16A4. This weapon can work very effectively when used for medium distances. Its burst mode which allows weapons to fire three bullets at once, is able to make the enemy powerless.

5. Mini 14

Using sniper weapons requires experience and lots of practice. Well, for those of you who want to practice your abilities as a reliable PUBG sniper, you can start by using Mini 14 as a weapon.

Mini 14 has a fairly complete package for beginner snipers. This weapon produces a high bullet speed, can use attachment rifles or snipers, and the most important is the recoil is very minimal. That is why, this weapon is quite easy to use for beginner snipers.

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