Tuesday, March 12, 2019


The main goal in playing PUBG is to get a "Chicken Dinner". You can get this prestigious title if you defeat all enemies on one map. It's not easy. There are many aspects that you must master, one of which is the accuracy of the shot.

The average weapon in PUBG has five attachment slots that can be filled with several items, such as foregrips. This type of attachment will reduce the recoil of the weapon you are using. For those of you who don't know, recoil is a shock that results when you fire a weapon. Now, for your shots to be more accurate, let's identify the five types of foregrip contained in PUBG!

1. Light Grip

This type of grip has the highest level of reduction in recoil compared to the others. Light Grip will provide recoil recovery which will quickly return the crosshair point to the starting position. When you use Light Grip, recoil your weapon will decrease by about 25% and be able to stabilize the weapon when doing spray. Unfortunately, this grip does not have a large influence on the horizontal recoil.

2. Vertical Foregrip

This type of grip can reduce vertical recoil of your weapon by a percentage of 20%. Not as big as Light Grip, but the use of this grip on your weapon is very effective when you want to kill the enemy from a considerable distance. For those of you fans of DMR or AR weapons that have single and burst shooting modes, such as MK47 Mutant, SLR or SKS, Vertical Foregrip is the right choice. As can be seen from the name, this grip will not affect the horizontal recoil at all.

3. Thumb Grip

This type of grip is often used by professional players. For a fast and barbaric style of play, the selection of Thumb Grips is the best place for your weapons. Besides being able to reduce vertical recoil, this grip can accelerate the opening of the scope. This grip is very unsuitable for peeking because the Thumb Grip will add to the horizontal recoil.

4. Angled Foregrip

If Vertical Foregrip reduces vertical recoil, this grip will reduce the recoil horizontal by 20% in the weapon. When you play in the Third-Person Perspective (TPP) mode, this grip is perfect for those of you who are watching enemies from the side of the wall. When the enemy is seen, the peek mode and open scope become the most effective method to kill the enemy.

5. Half Grip

Among other types of grip, only Half Grip will reduce the stability of your weapon and ADS weapons when aiming. However, each grip has the same function, which reduces recoil. The function also has Half Grip, but it doesn't have much effect on the weapons you use.

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