Friday, April 19, 2019


Many One Piece fans may have celebrated the completion of the Whole Cake Island arc in the anime for some time now. Bandai Namco also released One Piece: World Seeker which became their latest game last month. Who would have thought that it turned out that the execution they did seemed far from the expectations of the players. Filled with a lot of designs that are not enough to make this game a list of the worst games in 2019. Are you curious about some aspects that Bandai is not paying attention to on One Piece: World Seeker? Check out the following article!

1. Very Stiff Fighting Movement

Carrying the RPG action theme, players will play the character Luffy to spend the Navy who inhabit the Island of Prison. In the game, the rigid mechanism of the battle brings players to the conclusion that this game provides a less fierce battle. The character that Luffy is using won't develop further and the combination of punches is very repetitive until the end of the game.

2. An Uninteresting Trip

Although this game offers a graphic presentation that is quite indulgent to the eye, it turns out that the nuances of adventure presented are very boring. Players will be told to explore the open world using Luffy as if he could become a Spider-Man by swinging into trees or houses. The distance is very far and there is no sufficiently distingive scenario to make an adventure that is very boring.

3. Lack of Protagonist Characters

One of the attractions of One Piece universe is the presence of various antagonist or protagonist characters. As a Straw Hat pirate captain, Luffy has a very strong crew. Unfortunately, in this game other characters cannot be used by players. Finally, the protagonist who is present is only a NPC and doesn't help at all.

4. Absurd RPG system

The role playing role Bandai and Ganbarion pinned on One Piece: The World Seeker seemed to give a very narrow exploration space. Players can provide items or develop Luffy's character through progression. But, it all turned out to have no effect on mechanics and only changed "numbers" in attacks. Moreover, Luffy's gear system actually appears on a number of occasions and is not permanently controlled by players.

5. Too Easy to Finish

Compared to the difficulty of Sekiro which makes players addicted, One Piece: World Seeker actually makes the game very easy. Even at the highest level, each boss can be tricked with a very repetitive game. An easy-to-read attack makes the characters not challenging at all. Small enemies that can be used as grinding places can even be finished with just one attack towards the end of the game.

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