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Changes to items are quite common in MOBA. Because, MOBA like Mobile Legends needs to maintain the balance of the game from each strength. The balance of the game becomes the essence of a fierce and interesting game in this genre.

On patch 1.3.88, Moonton gives several changes to the items in the Mobile Legends game. These changes become an arena for adjusting the game that needs attention. Because, there is a possibility that some meta trends can shift from these changes.

In this article, we will provide a brief description of the items changed in patch 1.3.88 Mobile Legends and new items that are also interesting to discuss. Please refer to the description below.

1. Immortality

Previously, Immortality could provide an increase in attributes of 400 HP and 40 Magical Defense. In patch 1.3.88, an increase in the 40 Magical Defense attribute is replaced by an increase in the attribute 40 Physical Defense. In addition, the number of HP that can be obtained also increases from 400 HP to 800HP.

For passive abilities, Immortality still has the same ability, namely Ressurect with a cooldown duration of 180 seconds. The basic attributes obtained by Hero who came back to life are still the same as before. The hero who lives again will get 15% of HP and a shield that can ward off 300-1000 damage.

2. Cursed Helmet

Cursed Helmet still has the same increase in attributes, namely the maximum number of HP and Magical Defense. However, there are changes in numbers for patch 1.3.88 on both attributes.

Now, Cursed Helmet can add 1200 HP which previously can only add 920 HP. On the other hand, the Magical Defense obtained from the Cursed Helmet will decrease to 25 Magical Defense from 50 Magical Defense.

3. Blade of The Heptaseas

We can observe a significant change in the Blade of the Heptaseas item. Because, this item not only changes in terms of the number of attribute points, but also changes in the passive ability of the item.

In the previous patch, Blade of The Heptaseas can provide 75 Physical Attack and 300 HP. Now, the item can provide 65 Physical Attack and 250 HP. From these conditions, we can see a significant decrease in attribute points in Blade of The Heptaseas.

The passive ability possessed by Blade of The Heptaseas also changes. Previously, Blade of The Heptaseas had a passive ability which could reduce 25 Physical Defense of the enemy for 3 seconds. However, now, Blade of The Heptaseas has two passives that can increase the damage of the Hero who uses it.

First, the Blade of The Heptaseas can increase 15 Physical Penetetration. Second, the passive effect can now provide an additional 100% Physical Attack on a normal attack, if the Hero who uses it does not receive damage for 5 seconds.

4. Feather of Heaven

Changes to Feather of Heaven only lie in the price of the purchase. In the previous patch, Feather of Heaven was priced at $ 2230. Now, on patch 1.3.88, Feather of Heaven is sold for $ 2030. There is a price reduction of $ 200 on the Feather of Heaven item.

All of the passive attributes and capabilities of Feather of Heaven are the same in patch 1.3.88. Feather of Heaven will give 65 Magic Power, 30% attack speed, and 5% motion speed. Affiction's passive ability is still the same, which is adding 40% magic damage to ordinary attacks.

5. Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal is one of the Magical Damage items that Moonton also changed on patch 1.3.88. The change lies in the passive ability possessed by the Holy Crystal.

In the previous patch, the Holy Crystal has a passive ability called Exterminate. This passive ability allows item users to increase 15% Magical Damage to the skill issued. Now, the Holy Crystal's passive abilities can increase 22% -35% Magical Damage (increasing according to the development of Hero level)

6. Hunter Strike

Changes to Hunter Strike are quite interesting to watch. Previously, Hunter Strike could increase 100 Physical Attack. Now, Hunter Strike can only increase 80 Physical Attack. This condition shows a decrease in Physical Attack by 20 points from the item Hunter Strike.

On the other hand, now, Hunter Strike has the effect of Physical Penetration - which allows us to produce far greater physical damage than before. However, it should be noted, Physical Penetration obtained from Hunter Strike is only 15 points.

7. Deadly Blade (Changed to Sea Halberd)

Deadly Blade is the last interesting item to watch out for. First, Deadly Blade changed its name to Sea Halberd. Not only does the name change, the icon image of the item also changes. As if, we were given a new item, but unfortunately not.

Sea Halberd has the same increase in attributes as Deadly Blade, but with higher total points. In the previous patch, Deadly Blade can provide 65 Physical Attack and 20% additional attack speed.

Now, Sea Halberd can provide 70 Physical Attack and 25% additional attack speed. However, the increase had an impact on the purchase price of Sea Halberd, amounting to $ 2200. An increase of $ 170 occurred from the purchase price of Deadly Blade.

The passive ability on Sea Halberd items is still the same as Deadly Blade. Sea Halberd can reduce the regeneration rate of enemy HP by 50% for three seconds, when an enemy is hit by a normal attack.

8. Genius Wand

This item is one of four new core items present in patch 1.3.88. This $ 2000 item adds 75 Magic Power, 5% Movement Speed, and 15 Magic Penetration.

For the passive effect, Genius Wand has an effect that is more or less the same as the passive effect of Blade of Heptaseas before the update. The difference is only in the attribute. If Blade of Heptaseas reduces armor (Physical Defense), Genius Wand reduces Magic Defense.

This item gives the user the ability to reduce the enemy's Magic Defense for two seconds by 3-10 points (increasing according to the level). The effect is triggered by users giving damage to the enemy and can be stacked up to three times.

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