Saturday, July 20, 2019


As we know that the game Grand Theft Auto or what we usually know with GTA has lots of mods or modifications that we can use in the first GTA series, up to GTA V. Of course there are many GTA V mods that are cool and you have to try them so that the game it's more fun to play.

On this occasion we will discuss about some GTA V mods that you should try if you are bored with normal gameplay. Instead of you curious, we just go straight into the discussion below.

1. Vehicle Controller Mod

If you are the type of player who often drives cars in GTA V, maybe you will be interested and need this one mod. Vehicle Controller Mod allows you to control the car's indicator lights, open the hood of the rear and front of the car, etc.

This one mod will make GTA V that we play will become more alive because we can control the car like life in the real world.

2. Iron Man Mod

For those of you who are big fans of Marvel, especially Iron Man, surely you will like this mod. As the name implies, this mod will change the main character to Iron Man. Of course you can also use the power possessed by Iron Man like flying and attacking like real Iron Man.

3. Dragon Ball Mod

Furthermore, there is a mod that will definitely be liked by anime lovers, especially Dragon Ball because this one mod will change the character used to be Goku. Even you can fly, teleportation, change to Super Saiyan, even can emit power, namely Kamehameha.

4. Waterworld Mod

Feeling bored living on land? Maybe it's the sign that you have to try this mod! As the name implies, Waterworld Mod will add something related to water like a tsunami and the city of Los Santos will sink like Atlantis! Pretty cool right?

5. Natural Vision

Do you have a PC with very high specifications? This means you have to try the mod called Natural Vision because this mod will improve the graphics quality to be more realistic such as Watch Dogs or Forza Horizon. GTA V will feel more real and realistic if you use this mod and Vehicle Controller Mod.

Of course you can't use this mod smoothly if you play it on a PC with a low specification.

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