Thursday, July 25, 2019


If you watch the MSC 2019 match, you must know the amazing action shown by the pro player. Pro Player players who have experience in competing with Mobile Legends. Even though it is an old Hero, this Hero will be a killing machine that is ready to get rid of enemies nearby.

The following tips for using karrie:

1. Farming in the First Four Minutes

Hero Marksman is the sickest hero in the Mobile Legends match. To make this hero more sick, you have to buy items to support being a killing machine. In order to buy items you are required to do farming.

Try to zoning enemies or restrict enemy movements. Karrie had quite a lot of damage at the start of the game. This makes you can disturb the enemy to do farming.

2. Pay attention to Position and Focus with Skill 1 and 2

There is a sentence that says that the position determines the outcome. This sentence also applies to Mobile Legends battles. You will win if you can pay attention to the position where you are.

As a Mobile Legends hero who has a long range attack, Karrie benefits because there is no need to approach the enemy if you attack. Keep in mind, using a Marksman hero like Karrie must be smart to see the enemy's movements. Do not be reckless to carry out attacks alone because of the lack of HP owned.

3. Don't Chase Enemies

When using Karrie, you can get rid of anyone who is nearby. Using your instincts, must know when to attack and retreat.

It's natural if you feel annoyed when you almost kill the enemy with one more hit, but they run away instead. You must keep a safe distance to prevent potential enemies from attacking you.

4. Must Win Laning

Laning is the most important thing in the Mobile Legends competition. Not only protects our turret from enemy attacks, but it is also useful to defend the jungle from the enemy. This is considered important because it determines the development of the Hero.

The damage produced by Karrie was very large at the start of the match. If you face war on the lane, you should be able to dominate as much as possible. Conversely, if you lose in the lane battle, you will have difficulty because of differences in levels with enemy Heroes.

5. Everyone Can Play Karrie

Karrie is one of the "senior" Heroes in Mobile Legends. Because it's been around for a long time in the battlefield of the Land of Dawn, this Hero is fairly easy to master compared to other Marksmen. This also makes it a favorite Hero in every game of Mobile Legends.

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