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While we've already talked about this password manager before, Firefox Nightly now features the so-called Firefox Lockwise enabled by default, allowing us to try it out before it makes its way to the production builds of the browser.

First and foremost, a few things about Firefox Lockwise.

This feature originally debuted on Android and iOS as a password manager, and despite being released as an experimental product, it quickly evolved to become a key project for the company.

Thanks to support for Firefox accounts, you can use Firefox Lockwise on all your devices where the browser is installed, including PC and mobile. This way, your passwords will roam across devices, so you'll always have them no matter how you browse the web.

If you want to enable password synchronization in Firefox, this is the path you need to follow:

Firefox> Preferences> Firefox Account> Sync Settings> Logins

Firefox Lockwise is fully secure, or at least that's what Mozilla guarantees, and it uses various passwords to make sure your passwords are secure, including AES-256-GCM encryption, PBKDF2 and HKDF with SHA-256, as well as the onepw protocol for signing in.

In Firefox Nightly (the latest version of writing this article is 70.0a1 201-07-18), you can access the password manager and see the following typing in the address bar:

about: logins

You’re provided with the essential info, such as website address, username, the hidden password, as well as a handful of options and a tool to import passwords.

You can also create new, edit, or delete the existing ones.

Every time you log in to your account, Firefox Lockwise kicks in and offers to save your password.

Mozilla says that it doesn't have to access to your passwords and can't read your data.

Firefox Nightly is a Mozilla's experimental browser, so Firefox Lockwise is just in the testing stage for the time being. This means that it's for the coming updates, for the time being, it's not known when the password manager is projected to go live in the production channel.

By integrating Firefox Lockwise in Mozilla Firefox, the browser itself promises to offer users enhanced security and privacy, especially as the parent company has a position as a pioneer of features supposed to protect user data.

The password manager is available for everyone to try out, please note that using Firefox Nightly as the daily browser is not recommended, it can affect its stability.

Firefox Lockwise was originally called Firefox Lockbox, and it is available for stable Firefox users as a desktop extension.

"With the new desktop extension, Firefox Lockwise will provide an additional touchpoint store, edit and access your passwords. The extension provides an enhanced experience for your saved logins, which will allow you to more easily manage and interact with your stored passwords in Firefox. You will notice a seamless integrated experience in Firefox when you move from desktop to mobile, with a similar layout of key features for easy navigation and access, and easy access to your logins and passwords, "Mozilla explained.

The new password manager will be available in all versions of the browser, including on Windows, macOS and Linux. The mobile builds of the browser will integrate Lockwise too.

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