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Mobile Legends is one of the most competitive mobile games in the world. Many players want to improve their skills to the fullest so they can win, win, and win again. But, this desire is sometimes hindered by various factors so that they continue to lose, lose, and lose.

Well, if you are tired of losing, just follow the 5 tips to play Mobile Legends free of the following distractions.

1. Activate gaming mode on your smartphone

How many people have their emotions peaked because when the battle heights in Mobile Legends suddenly has dozens of incoming chats? Wow, it must not be counted anymore. If it's an emergency chat can still be tolerated.

So, so that your battle is not interrupted, immediately activate your smartphone gaming mode before opening Mobile Legends. The point is to optimize the system and turn off almost all notifications.

The gaming modes in each brand of smartphone can be different names. For example, Game Genie for Asus smartphones, Game Booster for Xiaomi smartphones, Game Space for Oppo smartphones, and many more.

2. Make sure your smartphone screen is sensitive enough

In addition to the processor and RAM, the screen is the main weapon of mobile game players. If it turns out the screen is less sensitive and there is a touch delay, it can disturb your game while playing.

Speaking of screen, AMOLED is the best screen for gaming. The color is sharp, power efficient, and sensitive. But for you gamers who like to play nonstop for hours, there is a danger that threatens, namely burn-in.

Even if you don't totally damage your smartphone, it's still uncomfortable. This burn-in case is rarely found on IPS LCD screens because the technology used is different.

3. Diamonds must not be zero

All Mobile Legends players surely know that diamonds cannot be completely used up. Its function is that it can buy skins, items, heroes, and emblem packs making diamonds a mandatory thing that you should not ignore. In a way, there are no diamonds it's like do not have money. [next]

4. Speed is not the first priority, the most important is stable network

In addition to a capable smartphone, you also need internet support that is not only fast but also stable with a low level of latency. But unfortunately, this good internet connection is not always accessible for everyone.

If there is a fast and stable, definitely expensive. If there is a fast and inexpensive, definitely less stable. If it's cheap and stable, it's definitely not fast enough. Therefore, you should focus only on connection stability.

You see, a fast but unstable internet actually makes lag and damage the rhythm of the game every gamer. You can do a little research on what cellular networks can give the best connection stability, or just use a Wi-Fi connection.

5. Turn off Background Service on your smartphone

This background service has different names on several smartphones. Some call it an Auto Update and some call it a Background Refresh.

The function is still the same, it allows the applications on your smartphone to still be connected to the internet even when you are not using it.

So, for a better gaming experience, just turn off this feature. Thus, internet connection will be more centralized for your battle in Mobile Legends.

But don't forget to turn it on again after playing.

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