Friday, August 23, 2019


Who doesn't know the Fanny hero in Mobile Legends who has high mobility because of cable from skill 2?

Fanny is one of the assassins in Mobile Legends that is difficult for beginners to play with.

This is due to mobility that depends on skill 2, namely Steel Cable, where Fanny traces the lane by using a cable.

Pro Fanny players are usually very difficult to defeat and also easy to kill opponents because it has very painful damage.

Fanny is one of the Mobile Legends heroes who doesn't use Mana to issue her skills.

However, Fanny relied heavily on energy instead of Mana.

So, Fanny must get Blue Buff so that the energy usage becomes more efficient and doesn't run out quickly. [next]

In addition to Blue Buff, Fanny can also do damage to targets that have been marked to regenerate some energy.

So that the Fanny cable does not miss, then you must be smart to see the Map, whether the Fanny cable can be connected to the wall.

Do not let the cable released does not hit the target, because this results in drained energy.

Pro Fanny players certainly often spend a number of cables that are not small.

Now, to do cable spam, you must always point the cable to the wall, don't just tap it.

For successive use of cables, the speed of movement of fingers and eyes in directing the cable to the wall is absolutely necessary.

Fanny is indeed one of the assassin heroes that not everyone can play.

So, the secret to becoming a reliable Fanny player is to practice more and often learn the techniques of using Fanny heroes from pro players.

Don't forget to memorize the Map position to make it easier for you to use the cable so you can avoid being missed.

With a lot of practice, you can increase your finger speed using the cable until you get used to it.

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