Saturday, September 14, 2019


The Cyborg Build in Chess Rush is arguably the most powerful one when it becomes a maximum combo in 6 Cyborgs.

How not, only with the arrangement of level 2 heroes can usually survive until late game if the build is complete.

Here we want to give some suggestions for counter build this one.
First of all, we first study the effects of this Cyborg combo build. The bonus given is 75 Armor and 30 Regen HP for all Cyborgs.

From this we can see that build damage dealers like Assassin will have a hard time dealing with this combo, especially if the hero is not all strong.

Of course this build must be combined with other combos, such as Assassin, Hunter, and Sorcerer. So, there are 4 solutions that can be used to fight this build.

1. Reduce the Armor

Combo 4 Undead can almost eliminate the Armor bonus given by the Cyborg build, so that only the regent's HP is left.

There are several builds that can be combined with this combo, such as Warrior, Rider, Assassin, and Punisher.

2. Use a Thicker Build

Build Warriors and Riders have the endurance that can rival the Cyborg build, making them able to fight with Cyborg in a draw.

But of course it must be balanced with other combos, such as Dragon, Sorcerer, Undead, or Beast.

3. Fight with Magic Damage

Build Sorcerer is very painful if it can run smoothly, especially when combined with Human builds that give Mana regeneration and Ability reset.

Because the Cyborg build only provides Armor, Magic attacks from Sorcerer cannot be held, so this is arguably the natural counter of Cyborg builds.

4. Take all of the Cyborgs

This is the last solution if you feel lucky. If an enemy is seen collecting a Cyborg hero, just take every Cyborg that appears on the deck.

Many build combinations can use the Cyborg 3 combo, so this is not a disadvantage. In fact, it could be build 6 Cyborg, so it was first in you!

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