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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

5 Best Offlaner Heroes for August 2020 in Mobile Legends

Offlaner or Top Lane is a lane that is very difficult to control, this position is usually filled by strong heroes who are able to survive without Buff. For those of you who want to try this Offlaner position, it is highly recommended to use these five heroes, the heroes below are very strong guarding the turret and don't need Buff.

Being an offlaner is the duty of a Fighter hero, or a semi-tank, now, curious? Here are five heroes for you to choose!

1. X-Borg (fighter)

X-Borg has painful damage in the early game, even the Tank hero can be killed easily by this hero, besides that this hero uses energy so it doesn't need Buff, X-Borg has 2 types of bars. When you lose the first HP Bar it can make X-Borg escape all Stun or Crowd Control and the last X-Borg Bar can survive even though it is ganged by the opponent.

Skill-1 X-Borg is the most useful and deadly skill because it can give True Damage to enemies, Crep and Minions. While the second and ultimate skills can be used to lock the opponent's movements and escape. No wonder X-Borg has been named the most fierce and strongest Offlaner hero.

2. Thamuz (fighter)

Not inferior to the X-Borg hero, Thamuz is very strong to become an Offlaner. Thamuz can clean Minions in a very short time, is able to survive when facing opponents and of course this hero does not need Buff. Thamuz is very strong and has a thick HP, especially if he already has Physical Lifesteal Items, this hero is not easy to beat even though he even faces 2 stun heroes.

3. Hilda (fighter semi tank)

Hilda is one of the heroes who is again OP after being completely revamped by Mobile Legends besides the hero Balmond. Even though Hilda is a semi tank but this hero has great damage in the Late Game, the Assassin and Fighter will immediately die if combined with this hero.[next]

4. Yu Zhong (fighter)

Yu Zhong is a Fighter hero who recently released on the original server, even though he is still new, Yu Zhong immediately became the belle of Mobile Legends players. You could say that Yu Zhong is a Fighter hero with the most complete abilities in Mobile Legends.

This hero has 4 skills where skill one will damage the area, skill two gives a stun effect, while skill three not only has a stun effect but also blinks and the last one is the ultimate skill that can turn Yu Zhong into a flying dragon, when flying can have a CC effect, can be used to attack and escape.

Yu Zhong is very suitable for the Offlaner position, this hero also doesn't need Buff because he doesn't use Energy but Rage.

5. Uranus (tank)

It's no secret that Uranus deserves to be called the best Offlaner today, even this hero is often picked up by Pro Player during the Mobile Legends tournament. So what makes Uranus so tempting? First, Uranus is actually a tank hero but has great damage in the Early Game, thanks to skills one and two, Uranus heroes are very fast to clean Minions and kill Crep.

Hero Uranus has a very fast HP Regen, this makes it difficult for the opponent to defeat this Hero and the last is that this hero is very agile thanks to the one skill that makes Uranus able to blink in the desired direction and the ultimate skill that makes Uranus Immune to all Crowd Control.

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