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Friday, August 7, 2020

5 Tanks with High Damage in Mobile Legends

Basically, the presence of Tanks in Mobile Legends matches is indeed assigned to protect teammates from enemy attacks. Having a monotonous role actually makes Moonton add a little attack power so that the players get a more varied experience.

Now, some tanks no longer only have high durability. They also have enough damage to annoy the enemy. The attacks are also varied, some have burst damage.

The following tank heroes have high damage!

1. Johnson

Johnson is one of the favorite heroes because he has high mobility. This hero can go around to open maps using Ultimate skills. Not only that, this skill has considerable damage for a tank.

2. Gatotkaca

Since being revamped, Gatotkaca has begun to return to being used both in the ranked or competitive scene. Now Gatotkaca is one of the most dangerous tanks in the Land of Dawn. Besides Ultimate, Hero now inspired by the story of the puppet has a passive that can add damage only from basic attacks.

3. Hilda

Just like Gatotkaca, Hilda also experienced a revamp on passive and ultimate skills. Now, Hilda's accompanying shield is increased by 20% while in the bush. Besides that, what's interesting about this one Hero is in the Ultimate. There will be a stack if Hilda succeeds in killing enemies with that skill.

4. Balmond

Apart from Hilda, Balmond has also returned to the public's attention after being revamped by Moonton. Even this Hero is one of the reasons why RRQ Hoshi won the MPL Invitational. R7 Tatsumaki is the first player credited with bringing Balmond to the world-class competitive scene.

No wonder Balmond is currently reliable in the match, because the ax-armed Hero has increased damage from the Cyclone Sweep skill. Currently the damage per round is increased by 25% until the maximum is 100%.

5. Baxia

One of the heroes who are members of the Oriental Fighter also has a DPS that is no less big than Johnson. His ultimate skill, Tortoise's Puissance, will create lava on the path that is traversed. And deals 50/60/70 damage every 0.5 seconds. Enemies on the path will be slowed down for 14 seconds.

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