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Monday, August 10, 2020

5 Things That Offlaner Heroes Cannot Do, Make the Team Mess!

Offlaner is the name for the hero who takes the upper lane. Being an offlaner is very difficult because you only play alone. Therefore it is not surprising that many offlaner heroes are noobs and feeders.

Even so, the offlaner hero is very influential in the game, if the offlaner is able to play well then the core hero will be free to farm, the gold team will lead and it will be easier to win the match.

Immediately, we will see, here are five things that offlaner heroes should not do!

1. Roaming too often

Why is roaming prohibited? Actually roaming for offlaner heroes is fine as long as the turret is guarded and at least one opponent's turret has been destroyed. The offlaner must focus on the turret push and keep the lane well. Because, the top lane is the fastest and easiest route to destroy the base.

Being an offlaner can make your gold fall behind, to fix this you can use roam items or steal your opponent's crep.

2. Allowing the turret to disintegrate

Allowing a turret to crumble is the most fatal mistake of an offlaner. Usually this happens because you roam too often and don't see the mini map. The main task of the offlaner is to guard the turret and destroy the opponent's turret.

Make sure you leave the lane if conditions are safe. Besides that, before the opponent's turret is destroyed, you also cannot freely leave the lane.

3. Too focused on killing[next]

Being too focused on killing shouldn't be done by an offlaner. Especially if it's still in the early or mid game. Let the core hero in your team do it.

If there is a battle on the top lane, then you are obliged to help him because that is your job. However, if the battle takes place in the mid or bot lane, you shouldn't follow it.

Stay focused on protecting the turret and destroying the opponent's turret, you can join the war when the opponent's turret has been destroyed or the lane condition is safe.

4. Don't get killed!

Don't go forward alone, let alone get killed because it is very detrimental to you. If you are killed, as a result, gold will be left behind and risk becoming a feeder. For that, keep playing it safe, focus on pushing until the opponent's turret is destroyed.

5. No need to take buff

Although there are no definite rules regarding the distribution of buffs, it should only be for mid and bot lane heroes. Blue buff is suitable to be given to core hero in mid lane because it takes a lot of energy and damage to kill your opponent.

While the red buff is given to the hero on the bot lane because it will help the hero in the core war more often. Therefore, it's not surprising if the offlaner position is filled by heroes who don't need buffs like fighter heroes.

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