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Friday, August 7, 2020

5 Tips for Using Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends!

Marksman is one of the key heroes or roles in MOBA games, including Mobile Legends. At the end of the game, they usually determine the team's victory. So what are the tips for using Marksman? Come on, look at the following!

1. Farming at the beginning of the game

As a Marksman, your status will not be too strong in the early game. The attack speed is still slow, the damage isn't too painful, the defense isn't as thick as a Tank or Fighter.

Therefore you have to do farming first, either by eliminating minions or in the jungle. Take buffs from the jungle if possible so you can get stronger mid-game.

2. Keep your distance from the opponent's hero, try to fight with the team

At the beginning of the game as previously said, Marksman does not yet have a high status. If you get caught between the attack and the opponent's skill, you might fall victim to First Blood.

Marksman is clearly a long-range hero, so you have to pay attention to the distance from your opponent's hero, even in the endgame. Try to fight with the team so that you can be protected and not killed by the opposing hero but still can get experience and coins.

3. Pay attention to the build items purchased

Usually Marksman chooses Attack, Crit, or Speed items, naturally those three are very crucial for Marksman. But you also have to pay attention to your opponent's hero.

Don't let you buy Magic Defense items but your opponents are all physical heroes, and vice versa. See what type of hero opponent is the most dominant and become the main attacker, then build items to counter the hero.

4. Must be able to read the map, see friends who need help

The mistake that new Marksman users often make is that they are too busy farming or guarding their own lane and not looking at the map.

Just like Tanks, if possible Marksman can also roam or go around the map.

The reason is because Marksman is crucial in terms of attack speed and damage combined with attack distance can support other heroes.

5. In the endgame, focus on killing your opponent's hero

Now, after your status is high, at maximum level, and ready to become a dangerous hero killer, focus on killing your opponent's hero.

In the end, each player does get different points, but Mobile Legends is still a game that requires cooperation.

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