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Thursday, August 6, 2020

5 Weaknesses of Khaleed Hero OP in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends always presents new heroes with very high game performance. The strength of the new Hero in the game developed by Moonton is above the average of other heroes. Such conditions can also be found in Khaleed, the new Fighter from Agetla Drylands.

Even though it is an OP, Khaleed is actually not without gaps. The Hero Fighter has several weaknesses. Here are some of the weaknesses of the Hero that you must know.

High HP Regeneration, Low Defense

Khaleed has a very high HP regeneration rate thanks to the second skill - Quicksand Guard. Uniquely, this regen ability can be used when he is being attacked by an enemy even though it is like Battle Spell Revitalize. This high HP regeneration ability makes Khaleed quite difficult to defeat.

Even so, Khaleed has a low level of defense. When receiving high damage, Khaleed will lose a lot of HP very quickly. This condition makes this Hero quite vulnerable to being picked off, especially in bad conditions and positions.

Initiators with Limited CC

Khaleed is equipped with the abilities needed to become a battle initiator, namely dash ability, area attack skills, and crowd-control effects in the form of stun. Unfortunately, the crowd control ability is not optimal. The reason is, Khaleed only has the ability to stun for one second from the ultimate skill - Raging Sandstorm.

In addition to the stun effect, Khaleed actually has the slow ability of skills - Sand Walk and Quicksand Guard. However, the slow effect is less effective to use in initiating attacks. The limitation of the crowd control effect is quite difficult to dominate the enemy.

Still Need Spell Vamp

Khaleed can play very aggressively thanks to the strength of his offensive skills. You see, Khaleed has a high enough Burst Damage level, especially at the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, Khaleed doesn't have a sufficient level of defense so it's easy to beat.

Therefore, Khaleed needed the Spell Vamp ability to survive. In combat situations, it is very difficult to continue to rely on the regeneration of skill 2 because it has a long cooldown.

Hero Fighter with Low DPS

As a Fighter, Khaleed is oriented towards Burst Damage through the use of skills. So, the sustainability of using skills is very vital. This condition makes Khaleed have a very low DPS. The reason is, Khaleed is not oriented towards basic attacks to produce high DPS.

It should be noted, despite having a low DPS rate, Khaleed still has very high Burst Damage. This is thanks to the skills - Desert Tornado and Raging Sandstorm. This ability makes Khaleed one of the highest damage-producing heroes to date. So, as a wise move, you have to be careful.

The Fatal Impact of Aggressive Playing Style

Khaleed has a combination of skills that allows this hero to play aggressively. For example, we can look at the skill combination - Desert Tornado and Raging Sandstorm. In addition, Khaleed also has high mobilization skills as a basis for aggressive play.

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