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Saturday, August 8, 2020

7 Heroes Who Can Beat Khaleed Easily!

After a long wait, finally Khaleed Mobile Legends was officially released on the main server (8/8). As a new Hero, it is common knowledge that this Hero has overpowered (OP). This power comes from Burst Damage and a very high HP regeneration rate.

Even though it's OP, Khaleed actually has several weaknesses that you can use to beat him while playing. In addition, he is also weak against several Mobile Legends Heroes, so you can make a reference during the draft pick phase.

So, here is the Hero Counter to face Khaleed!

1. Khufra

Khufra is the right match for a Khaleed. Coincidentally, in the Mobile Legends lore, Khufra is a tyrant who is the sworn enemy of the Desert Swordsman.

Khufra has crowd control abilities in the form of knock-ups and stuns. Of the two effects, the knock up effect is the most important one to face Khaleed. The reason is, the knock-up effect that Khufra has is much stronger than the stun effect. Khufra's knock-up effect is thanks to the first and second skills.

2. Badang

Badang is one of the most effective counters against Khaleed. Armed with a passive skill - Chivalry Fist, Badang can provide a knock back effect continuously.

Badang also has anti crowd control abilities thanks to skill 1, Fist Crack. This ability is very important to anticipate the initiation of Khaleed attacks (from skill - Raging Sandstorm). The combination of anti crowd control and knock-back effects makes it very difficult to face Badang.

3. Jawhead

Jawhead is a fighter who relies on the level of Burst Damage and crowd control abilities in battle. Both of Jawhead's strengths can be great assets in dealing with Khaleed.

Jawhead has crowd control abilities in the form of stun and knock up. Actually, the two CC effects don't have a long duration and need precise accuracy so that the effect can be felt maximally. However, once hit by the combination of CC and Burst Damage, Khaleed will definitely have a hard time so that he can't use the maximum attack at all.[next]

4. Chou

Chou is a fighter who is often relied on to play aggressively. As an initiator, Chou is equipped with a complete package of crowd abilities in the form of knock ups and knock backs. Both CC effects can be important assets to face Khaleed.

5. Martis

Martis is a close combat fighter who relies on two types of damage at once, namely DPS and Burst Damage. In addition, Martis is also equipped with CC abilities, in the form of knock back, knock up, pull, and slow. He obtained this CC ability from all of Martis' active skills, except for Ulti.

6. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca is a Fighter / Tank who relies on the Magical Damage variable in attacking enemies. As a fighter, Gatotkaca has a high level of defense. This allowed him to survive much longer. In addition, Gatotkaca is also known to have CC abilities in the form of slow and knock-ups.

In dealing with Khaleed, Gatotkaca was very effective. The reason is, Gatotkaca has the Ulti skill - Avatar of Guardian which can reverse the initiation of attacks very easily. Not only that, the knock up effect generated from this skill is very important to stop the momentum of the attack and lock down enemy movements.

7. Ruby

As a Fighter, Ruby is known for her annoying crowd control and poke damage abilities. Its durability is also very high thanks to its natural Spell Vamp ability. This combination of abilities can be a great counter to face Khaleed.

With the CC effect and poke damage which is quite annoying, Ruby can lock the movement and deal damage continuously very easily. Both of them also make Khaleed's HP regeneration seem useless.

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