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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Can Halo Infinite Play Multiplayer Mode for Free?

Microsoft relies on the Halo game series as the first-party title of the Xbox hero. This FPS game has an amazing sci-fi world, as well as an addictive and multiplayer mode.

For the newest game, Halo Infinite, Microsoft is preparing several interesting features such as free-to-play multiplayer and 120 FPS mode. What are the details like?

1. Demo gameplay on the Xbox Games Showcase

Halo Infinite's inaugural gameplay premiered on the Xbox Games Showcase last July. In it, the Master Chief is shown defeating several aliens to destroy the anti-air missiles that are blocking his journey.

Gameplay Halo Infinite gets mixed responses from gamers. Some praised Halo's classic gameplay with a few additional gimmicks to Master Chief, while the game's graphics were criticized for not representing the full capabilities of the Xbox Series X console.

2. The multiplayer mode is free-to-play

Information about Halo Infinite's features was leaked through the Smyths Toys website in the UK. Inside, there is information that the Halo Infinite multiplayer mode can be played for free.

However, don't gamers still have to subscribe to Xbox Live to be able to access multiplayer on Xbox? Well, interestingly at this time Microsoft seems to want to end Xbox Live and switch it to the Xbox Game Pass. It was reported that at this time gamers could not buy a 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription. It seems we still have to wait for more info about this.

3. 120 FPS mode harnesses the power of the Xbox Series X

Another thing that is also mentioned in the leak is the presence of 120 FPS mode and also a shorter loading time. Of course this can be achieved thanks to the CPU-GPU from AMD and SSD in the Xbox Series X.

Of course, in addition to Xbox Series X, you can also play Halo Infinite on Xbox One and PC (via Steam and Microsoft Store). How, interested in trying this latest Halo game series?

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