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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Chrome 86: Uninstall PWA Can Be Through Settings & Control Panel

Currently, the development of PWA is very fast in the last few years, apart from that PWA has received the Run in Startup feature, reportedly PWA will also get a Task Shortcut Menu which of course will speed up accessing certain pages on the installed website.

In addition, recently Google has also added a new ability to delete PWAs directly through traditional methods, namely through the options in the Control Panel, or via the Settings app in Windows 10, including of course by right-clicking on the Start Menu.

It should be noted, PWA is a web application that uses modern web technology and can be installed and launched like a native application on the operating system, and related to the new features that have been mentioned, actually for now we can indeed access the PWA from Settings or Control Panel, but when we are going to do Uninstall, we will be forced and directed to the browser first.

Uninstall PWA Starts Directly In Chrome 86

Starting from Chrome 86 which is currently still Canary status, users will immediately get the Uninstall Prompt after clicking on the Uninstall / Remove button either in the Start Menu, Control Panel or Settings.

So of course this feature will make it easier for users and make PWAs more feasible like the Native application in the Operating System, and of course this is an interesting feature that should have been implemented long ago.

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