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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

How to Use Hero Khaleed in Mobile Legends, Make Hero More OP!

As a new Hero, Khaleed Mobile Legends actually has a game performance above the average of other heroes. This condition is very favorable because it allows you to easily dominate the battle by understanding the basic mechanics of the Hero. You can also maximize all of the Hero's strength as an overpowered Fighter.

These tips will be arranged based on potential strengths that can be maximized and weaknesses that need to be anticipated. Immediately, consider the following description!

Understand Skill 1's Consecutive Attack Mechanism

Khaleed relies on Burst Damage to inflict massive damage on enemies. It can be said, Burst Damage is the most important type of damage for you to maximize. This high level of Burst Damage is obtained through skill 1 - Desert Tornado and the effect of Enhanced Basic Attack from passive skills.

Skill 1 is the key to the main attack for the Hero. With Desert Tornado, Khaleed can deal 550 (+ 120% Physical Attack) Physical Damage. Not only that, Khaleed can also use Desert Tornado three times on condition that if it hits the enemy.

In an effort to maximize Burst Damage, Khaleed needs the right attack position, which is close to the target. Given that Desert Tornado can provide area attacks, you can approach two enemies at once.

If Khaleed hits the enemy, Khaleed can use Desert Tornado again. In continued use, you must be able to read the direction of the enemy's movement. So, you can easily hit the follow-up attack. The reason is, if it does not hit the enemy, the continued attack will stop and the skill will enter the cooldown phase.[next]

Regen is not enough, use the Bloodlust Axe!

Khaleed does have a high HP regeneration rate. Unfortunately, this condition is not matched by a good level of defense. On the other hand, Khaleed is a hero who is oriented towards using skills to defeat enemies.

Looking at the two conditions above, Khaleed is quite suitable for using Spell Vamp. The Spell Vamp effect allows him to get HP regeneration when attacking enemies with skills. So, Khaleed will find it much easier to survive in the middle of the battle.

Spell Vamp can be obtained through the Bloodlust Axe item with 10% Spell Vamp. Bloodlust Axe is one of the important items to increase the chance to survive while fighting. This effect is very synergistic with 1 Khaleed's skill with a fairly short cooldown duration — only five to four seconds. In fact, with continued use three times.[next]

Maximize Combo Skill Ulti + 1

As a Hero Fighter, Khaleed is a hero who is oriented towards the use of skills. In addition, Basic Attack is not the most optimal choice. Moreover, the skills possessed by the Hero have a high Burst Damage level.

On the other hand, Khaleed's skills have abilities that can complement each other in battle. No wonder, skill combination is one of the important things that need to be known to maximize its performance.

The most important skill combination that needs to be known is the combination of skill 1 - Desert Tornado and Ulti skill - Raging Sandstorm. The two are often combined to initiate attacks. Thanks to the sizable area attack from both of them, Khaleed can easily hit the enemy in battle.

In addition, skill combinations can also be a very important follow-up attack to maximize Burst Damage (read the first point). Once hit by this combo, the enemy will be helpless, be it in a one-on-one duel situation or a team fight.[next]

Beware of Disable Effects and Crowd Control

With a low level of defense, Khaleed is required to minimize the damage received. One simple way that can be done is to keep your distance from the effects of disable or enemy crowd control (CC).

The CC effect could be a source of very serious problems for Khaleed. Because, Khaleed cannot use offensive skills or use defensive skills.

In the worst case scenario, Khaleed would be very easy to kill. Especially if the enemy Hero has the ability to Burst Damage. Even worse, Khaleed didn't have a good escape ability.

The effect of disabling and CC can indeed be a serious problem for Khaleed. However, take it easy, you can anticipate this easily. Khaleed can avoid crowd control effects by using the skill - Raging Sandstorm. As long as he is on the sand wave, Khaleed will hit the enemy, without having to worry about the CC effects that are aimed at him.

However, you must pay attention to this step. Because, it is very unfortunate if you use Ulti just to run away to see a long cooldown. In fact, it would be better if you use it to initiate a team fight.[next]

Don't Be Too Aggressive!

Khaleed is full of potential and the ability to play aggressively. The reason is, Khaleed has the ability to initiate attacks with Ulti skills, and high Burst Damage. After playing aggressively, Khaleed can immediately regen HP with skill 2 without having to go back to base.

This condition is very tempting to be played aggressively. However, an aggressive style of play remains a high risk for Khaleed. The reason is, Khaleed is a hero who is quite vulnerable to defeat because he does not have good endurance.

Even though it is quite agile and has high HP regeneration, Khaleed can be defeated easily, especially if the enemy has disabled or crowd control effects.

To anticipate this, you are required to be able to read the tempo of your opponent's battle. So, you can be aware of every enemy attack movement very easily. In addition, you are also required to carry out proper game execution during aggressive play. For that, you need to communicate well with your teammates.

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