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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Master Roshi Will Become the New Character of Dragon Ball: FighterZ

Do you know Kamesenin aka Master Roshi who is the Grandpa Tortoise character in the Dragon Ball anime? Yep, this teacher from Goku is a funny figure who turns out to have a strong power. If he weren't around, Goku wouldn't be able to learn kamehameha.

Well, this time you can especially play Master Roshi as a new character in their last fighting game, Dragon Ball: FighterZ. Announced directly by Bandai Namco, Master Roshi will be a brand-new character in their third DLC. This new episode is also planned to be released next September.

In the short video that was released, we can see the action of the old man who can still face the dangerous warrior knights. Uniquely, Roshi was added after Dragon Ball: FighterZ released Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku as his new roster. Of course this is like an interesting surprise for the players.

The entry of Master Roshi makes Dragon Ball: FighterZ now have a choice of up to 41 characters. Since its release in 2016, this game has continued to receive regular updates from the developer. It is interesting to continue to see the new content from Dragon Ball: FighterZ developed by the new studio, Arc System.

In addition to showing anime-style graphics, Dragon Ball: FighterZ is famous for using a classic battle system that still looks charming. The stiff character movements make players have to be able to cut their opponent's punches with precision.

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