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Monday, August 10, 2020

Mobile Legends Will Present Benedetta, The New Hero After Khaleed

Mobile Legends will present another new hero, which is quite fast too. Currently, the Fighter Khaleed hero has been released on the global Mobile Legends server and you can play, but there are new heroes who will be here too.

1. The new Assassin Hero, Benedetta

Mobile Legends will welcome a new Assassin hero, namely Benedetta. Benedetta is a female hero who will add to the list of Assassin heroes.

Then what's so special about Benedetta? What skills will make Benedetta a player favorite?

2. Movement and attack quickly

Of course as an Assassin, Benedetta's abilities and skills must be fast and agile, from what has been shown in the advance server where Benedetta appeared about 2 months ago with charge and burst types.

All of Benedetta's skills are also related to speed and fast attack area attacks, including her ultimate.

3. Possible release in early September, or as early as late August

Okay maybe you are getting interested in Benedetta, but when will it be released?

According to estimates, if you follow the monthly hero trend considering that Khaleed was only released in early August, it is likely that Benedetta will only appear in September.

But we don't know yet, it could be longer or maybe even at the end of August it will appear on the global server.

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