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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Natalia Silence Will Be Eliminated, Is It More Useful?

Getting a buff from Moonton is a blessing for the Hero in Mobile Legends. The reason is, when buffed, it is certain that the character will become overpowered. However, disaster will befall the Hero if he is nerfed. The reduced ability will make them no longer a favorite like Natalia, who will be eliminated from the silence effect in the next update.

On Advance Server, Moonton did a pretty bad nerf on Natalia. As already mentioned, later one of the most feared Assassins will lose its passive effect, silence. Even so, what has made Natalia fearful is this effect, because she can easily kill enemy cores without any resistance.

When ambushed by Natalia, the enemy will be silenced for a time, which makes them unable to issue skills and Battle Spells. Therefore, Natalia's existence is very vigilant and is often banned from being ranked.

However, it seems that now Natalia is no longer feared and may even be ignored. As long as you don't have silence Natalia is not a significant threat. Even though Natalia can still disappear and be given additional damage when she ambushes, the opponent can easily escape and provide resistance.

Maybe later this nerf will be a tough task for Natalia users when they want to use this Hero to be ranked. You see, you definitely need special abilities so that this Hero can be used effectively or Natalia users leave this Hero because it is no longer useful for use in matches.

Whether Natalia is used or not, surely Moonton has thought of a lot of nerf-related things that were done to Natalia. It is possible that new gameplay will be presented through this Hero. We'll just wait until it comes to the next patch.

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