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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

One Piece Last Flow Prediction! Will it End in 2024?

An ad in Shonen Jump magazine has revealed that One Piece will soon enter the final stage.

But since the Wano plot began, we have entered the final 1/5 of One Piece story, considering that in 2018 Oda said the One Piece story was 80% complete.

If the situation is like this, what does One Piece's last plot look like?

1. Likely, Wano will be finished in 2021

The Onigashima War had officially begun in One Piece 986 with the Akazaya Nine attacking Kaido.

But of course that does not mean that Ark Wano will be finished within a few months.

This war may be large and take up to one year from the official start.

2. When the Wano war is finished in 2021, then only 3-4 years remain in Oda's original plan

Oda gave a prediction that One Piece would be finished in five years in 2019. So it should be in Oda's head that One Piece would be finished in 2024.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, which Oda did not anticipate when he made the estimate, the estimated time would be a little late.

So it is estimated, after Wano is finished there will still be three to four years left in Oda's plan, if it is true that Wano is finished in 2021.

That three or four years in One Piece was only enough for one or two large Arcs. Or maybe one big plot with a few small stories, like Zou between Dressrosa and Whole Cake Island.

So most likely there will only be a maximum of two big stories after Wano.

3. Will there be a big war after Wano?

The scenario is most likely that Luffy tried to save Sabo, but Sabo was detained at Mary Geoise so Luffy had to fight the Navy and World Government.

This has been felt since the story between the second and third rounds of the Wano plot.

This conflict can escalate and involve former Shichibukai, Revolutionary Forces, the Great Straw Hats, Navy, and maybe even the remaining Yonko.

Another possibility? One of the Yonko managed to find Ancient Weapon. Yonko is likely Teach, who was last seen trying to hunt for something. But it could also be that one of Kaido and Big Mom survived Wano and ended up getting Ancient Weapon.

This power creates a three-way war between the Great Straw Hat Fleet which may be supported by Shanks, the Navy and the World Government, and the remaining Yonko.

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