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Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Best Build for Hero Gusion Mobile Legends in February 2022!

Are you a Mobile Legends player? You must know the right build item for the assassin hero Gusion Mobile Legends in February 2022.

Below we will discuss some build items that are very appropriate if used for hero assassin Gusion starting from Arcane Boots items to Winter Truncheon items we will discuss.

1. Arcane Boots

The first item that is right for Gusion's hero is Arcane Boots which will help the movement of Gusion's hero.

This Arcane Boots item will give +40 Movement SPD and will also give +10 Magical PEN.

2. Clock Of Destiny

The second item used is the Magic item, namely Clock Of Destiny which provides 3 advantages.

The 3 advantages are giving +60 Magic Power, +615 HP and getting +600 Mana.

3. Genius Wand

The third item is a Magic item, namely the Genius Wand which will provide several advantages for Gusion's hero.

Some of the benefits include +75 Magic Power and will also provide +5% Movement SPD.

4. Holy Crystal

The next item is a Holy Crystal item where this item only provides 1 advantage.

But the benefits provided are quite impactful for Gusion's hero, which is to provide +100 Magic Power.

5. Divine Glaive

The fifth item also provides only 1 advantage, namely the Divine Glaive item but this item is quite necessary for Gusion.

The advantage that you can get when buying this Divine Glaive item is to give +65 Magic Power.

6. Winter Truncheon

The last item is a Magic item, namely a Winter Truncheon item that will help Gusion's hero to Freeze.

The advantages that can be obtained apart from being able to Freeze are +69 Magic Power, +25 Physical Defense and +400 HP.

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