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Thursday, March 3, 2022

Jess No Limit: This Forgotten Mobile Legends Hero Will Be OP

Changes will certainly always occur in Mobile Legends, not least in the upcoming patch which has already been leaked on the advanced server.

One of the Mobile Legends heroes will get a significant change. And according to one content creator, Jess No Limit, this change is very good and makes the hero OP.

This Forgotten Hero in Mobile Legends Will Be OP

The hero is Grock, a Tank hero who is quite forgotten and even unused, this hero is also very low in performance after getting a nerf some time ago.

But the changes that are present in the advanced server make this hero shine in the future. The change is in his passive which will now convert Extra Physical Attack (from items) to 0.5 Physical Defense.

Of course it's very big considering there is a Physical Attack item with high stats, namely Blade of Despair.

With one Blade of Despair Grock can get 80 Physical Defense (conversion of 160 Physical Attack), and that's quite high.

It can be seen that Jess No Limit also uses the Assassin High and Dry emblem and builds full Attack, if it is close to the wall, the Physical Defense can be up to 425.

Of course it's a high value even without the slightest defense item. But this is still not applied to the original server and of course it can be very OP when applied.

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